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Optical Center

  •  Specialty Lenses
  •  Block Harmful Rays
  •  Expert Selecting and Measuring of all types of Glasses



This type of lens contains distance and near vision in one pair of glasses. These bifocal lenses, available at our Glendale eye care center, are usually for presbyopic patients who require correction up close and far away. It is made with a definition line (similar to a sideways “D”)


At So Cal Vision, a Glendale area eye care center, we only use digital lenses when it comes to this type of lens. It will meet most of your needs in terms of distance/computer/reading with no line that can be seen. Cosmetic needs are very important to most patients and we go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with not only the function of our progressive lenses, but they look GREAT too!


At our Glendale eye care center we offer lots of options to go with our digital and bifocal lenses for optimal use
– Transition Lenses (light to dark)
– Polarized=Cuts glare down (water & surface streets)
– Anti-Reflective=Night time driving (computer work)
– Tints=Any color you can imagine